Gifu COVID-19 Task Force website

This site was established by volunteers based on the data published by Gifu Prefecture to provide the latest information on the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

It became the official site of Gifu Prefecture from 2020/05/09. The operation is continued by volunteers.

Giving the official information and objective figures from Gifu Prefecture in an easy-to-understand manner allows residents living in Gifu Prefecture, companies with bases in Gifu Prefecture, and visitors to Gifu Prefecture to understand the current situation and The purpose is to be able to take measures.

* This site uses the mechanism of the Tokyo COVID-19 Task Force website that is released under an open source license that allows duplication and modification.

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The data published on this site is created based on the data released by the prefecture government.

About each administration site List of municipality's measures about COVID-19 please look at.

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